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Some Goals

October 26th, 2015 at 09:45 am

We haven't slowed the money out faucet yet. So many things have been popping up - sicknesses of everyone, husband's wisdom teeth removal, potty training and a new bed for the two+ year old, a birthday and another coming up, therapy and extra doctors appointments, very little time to grocery shop or meal plan properly... It's all added up again, and I had to pull money from savings. I HATE pulling money from savings.

So hubby and I are going to try to do a few things in November:
1) Live on last month's income
2) Cut down, if not stop, eating out lunches and using vending machines at work
3) Track every penny on a large whiteboard in the kitchen

We are aiming for a very low spending month. I might even leave all my money at home, except a $20 you-forgot-gas-again!? bill for me in the car. I've been on 'E' more than I'd like to admit lately from not paying attention. Hoping to have some leftover to bump up savings.

Personally, I'm going to aim high in November:
1) Quit Soda - I'm almost there already, so it won't be cold turkey this time. What an addiction. Ugh.
2) NaNoWriMo - I'll be happy if I write even a quarter of the requirement though. I have missed writing.
3) Exercise or Stretch (almost) daily - My body needs to regain it's strength. It's still wiped from pregnancy, even though it's been a year-ish already.
4) Chores - I need to start a simple cleaning routine so it won't be so overwhelming come weekend.
5) Clean out garage - We had to scrape the cars' windows this morning. We have a perfectly useable garage, I just need to remove/pick up a LOT of construction stuff.

We'll see. I'm optimistic though. I like cooler weather and no humidity, so I'm feeling energy again! Now if only the day light hours weren't so short!