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Been easy to not eat out

January 19th, 2013 at 01:14 pm

I have found itís been really easy to not go out to eat for lunch, since Iíve been home sick for several days. Unfortunately, that means Iím using up all my sick/vacation time that Iíve been stockpiling for maternity leave. My work does allow us to borrow vacation time, and of course I can always take unpaid time. In my case, Iíll probably borrow some, and depending how much I have left, Iíll start easing back in earlier than later.

Thereís only 9 more work days left in the month. I wonder if I can get by with eating out for lunch only once in those 9 days. Thatíd be pretty awesome.

Short Term Goal

January 9th, 2013 at 06:09 pm

Iíve decided that I wonít be able to eat out during lunch as much once the baby comes. Weíll have a decrease in amounts for our personal allowances, so I wonít have that much to spend (like $10/week little). I figured I should get used to it now. No reason to be shell shocked when it needs to happen. Plus then I can save some of my allowance now for future use.

There are 22 work days in January for me. I want to start packing at least 75% of the time. That means I have to pack 17 lunches and only go out 5 times. So far Iím doing well. I only have eaten out once, on Monday. I was so tired from last weekend that I forgot to pack or grab anything as I ran out of the door.

Iím also going to try to track my grocery expenses for the lunches to see how much it really costs compared to some of my $2 or $3 eating out options (bagel sandwich or salad bar)

2013 Check In

January 5th, 2013 at 10:01 am

I have paid off the second of the two student loans I wanted to get paid off before baby came! Woot! My EF is a little smaller than Iíd like, but it will pop back up here in the next month or two. And itís still a very comfortable amount, even if it doesnít grow. Its funny how thereís an arbitrary dollar amount that makes me feel really safe, but if I drop below a bit, I start to get antsy.

After this last payment clears, I will set up auto pay on Student Loan A. Itís only going to be $175/month instead of $400 to begin with because I had increased my HSA contribution to cover the baby health expenses and with the SS tax break disappearing, I have no clue what my new paycheck amount will look like. Iíd rather be safe than sorry. Iíll adjust later.

Iíve also managed to only buy a $3 cute onesie so far for the babe-to-be. Iíd say Iím doing really well not buying things yet. Iíll get there eventually.

Iím starting to get things ready for maternity leave at work. I know Iím going to struggle with wanting to be home, but also with wanting to go back to work. I admit, I like working, a lot. I donít like doing nothing. But I also really like kids and babies. Hopefully, it wonít be that much of an internal struggle. My husband is staying at home with the baby, so if I do start sneaking back into work early part time, it wonít be that big of a deal, and might be an easier transition for him.