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Hello, Credit Cards, Goals

September 26th, 2013 at 05:53 pm

Hello! It's been awhile. I've learned that having a baby sure takes up a lot of time. We had our baby boy a few months back. I was back to work within a month and my husband has joined the stay-at-home dad club. I managed not to go crazy on spending for baby. Well I did have some clothes shopping sprees, but even those were on deeply discounted items and I think I only spent $100 max over a few months. I did end up having to buy formula, but not without a lot of work trying to get my supply up (grumbles). It just wasn't meant to be. DS is such a big boy (in the 97percentile for height!) and is already trying out solids. So far we're making all his food at home. It is so easy to mush bananas or pears or...

Anyway, I came on here for some advice. We're going to be spending $3k to $4k in the next month or so, and I was wondering if anyone has advice for a credit card we could put it on to get rewards or cash back? We have a flight next year for a wedding, so we could use travel rewards, but cash back is always nice too. No worries, I do have the money to pay it in full, but I thought I'd make this unavoidable expense into a plus. Any thoughts?

I have been thinking about new goals for awhile as I actually wanted to do September goals, but I never got around to it. I think October's goals will be as follows:

1) Eat out only twice this month as a family - Eating out is such an escape for us. But lately it seems like prices at restaurants just keep sneaking up. Not worth it, especially with a little one in tow.

2) Pack all lunches - This one is getting easier now that I have a stash of noodle bowls at work for when I forget my lunch.

3) Don't spend on non-essentials - This one is hard. Shopping has become a stress reliever. I need to find a new activity. I've been reading, walking, and playing with the baby, but shopping involves going out, browsing, daydreaming. I will have to think on this. It's not that I spend a lot when I do this, but I always come home with something we don't -really- need.

4) Work out what I want as a career - I've been thinking about this for several months. I'm under-utilized in my current job and am getting bored. I'm busy, but bored. I hear squeaking of changes in the company, so I think a good time to switch might be coming. I'm not sure if it's switching companies or getting more/new education to switch jobs... sky's the limit, really.