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Lunches, Baby Stuff

March 17th, 2013 at 02:23 pm

Sorry, itís been quite awhile (again) since I last wrote. Pregnancy sure takes a lot of energy. I did make my short term goal in January (eating out less than 25% of the time for lunch). I also kept up at the 75% mark of packing lunches for February.

Right now in March, Iím at 70% packed, 30% eat out. This last week was what brought me down as I ate out all week. I didnít want to be in the office and the time shift was killing me. We will be going grocery shopping here in a few hours so I can get some simple, grab-and-go meals for the next week or two.

In other news, we sold the junker in prep for my husband to be the stay-at-home dad. It just needed too many fixes that would add up fast. Weíve also refilled the emergency fund (partially depleted from junker purchase last year), puppy fund (wiped out from puppyís surgery), and the car fund (wiped out from junker). Woot!

We also have quite a bit saved up for baby stuff. We have a few of the basic things. I will just need to get the first-aid and grooming kit, plain/neutral clothing for the first month or so, the stroller that weíve drooling over, and I think that is all we -need- pre-baby still. Iím sure there will be other stuff we will need or want to buy, but as of the moment, Iím not too worried about it. And even if we bought everything on the baby registries, we have enough cash. But some of that stuff we put on as a mild-want, even though we donít need it.