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Sold. And What?!? Continued.

November 20th, 2011 at 11:48 am

First off, the good news: We sold Car #2. Yay! But we sold it to a dealership for the same amount that we owe. Boo. It was either wait and wait and wait, pay for the oil change, new tires, insurance, extra gas, etc. Or sell it for way less. We took the sell it for less (obviously). It is making such a difference in the budget.

And nowÖ the What?!? News: Like I said in my last post, I was told I failed the drug test, but I donít do drugs (or prescription drugs, or eat poppy seeds). When I called the HR guy back, he said he sent an email that ď[I] passed so they should pass [me]Ē (whatever that means) and that heíd call me back when he got approval. He also mentioned that orientation was 10 to 2 on Friday. I rearranged my schedule so I could do the orientation, but it kind of suck that it was during my normal work hours.

Next day, he called me back and said I was approved, and that there were two orientations, the second at 5 to 9. I practically jumped in joy and said I would do the later one so I could keep working. He said ok and had me wait for a second so he could write it down before he told me the details of what to wear and bring to orientation.

I show up at ten to 5 and wait where I was supposed to wait. At 5, when no one else was there, I went up to customer service who told me that orientation was to wait where I was supposed to wait, someone was supposed to come get me.

I waited 20 minutes before going back up to customer service. They called the HR guy to the desk. The customer service people (one a manger) werenít happy to hear my story. I made sure to tell them about the drug test part, too. The HR guy arrived and said that he had just canceled the orientation. He thought that he had called the only person who was doing the orientation. As we talked, me a little upset and confused, him saying that he was going to be in so much trouble.

So as it stands, supposedly theyíre having another orientation this week. If I donít hear from him, I am supposed to call him on Monday by 9. Of course, Iím guessing the orientation will be on Wednesday, when Iím out of town and had asked off as a condition of hiring.

On top of that, when I got home after the major mess up, I had a letter from the corporate office. It said that I never took the drug test. What?!? I canít imagine what is next. I donít know what to think about this other than the HR guy doesnít want to hire me.

Iím half tempted to call on Monday and tell him (or his supervisor) all my complaints, including that I turned down another job for this, and then tell him no thanks.


November 16th, 2011 at 12:30 pm

As I had mentioned, I was offered conditional employment for a seasonal part-time job two weeks ago, went and took the drug test, and was waiting to hear back about orientation. I called late last week, wondering if I could make other plans for last weekend, and they said that they hadnít gotten the results yet. So I made plans and enjoyed what I thought would be my last free weekend in forever.

When I didnít hear anything this week, I called this afternoon asking about it. I was on hold for a while, and when he got back on, he said something that made me just about fall out of my chair - I failed my drug test.

WTF?! I donít do drugs. I donít smoke. I drink maybe once a year. I am a goody-to-shoes. Itís insulting to even off-handidly impy that I have done drugs.

The HR guy said that I need to call the drug testing center if I thought they were wrong, and that they have been wrong before. I called, and all the drug testing center could tell me was that they had no problems processing the test and that if the employer wanted to confirm or ask a question, they could call them. The drug testing center could not tell me if passed or not.

I called back, stating such, and I am waiting for a phone call back from the HR guy. If he doesnít call me back in an hour, I plan to call him... again.

Seriously. How frustrating. All I want is a few hours a week for a month and a half. Iíve put my life on hold, not scheduling things, because I thought I would have orientation with little warning and get put on the schedule so that I would have a few practice runs before the busy Black Friday.

I canít help but to think that theyíre trying not to hire me. If they wanted to rescind their offer, rescind the offer! Say we hired too many people; say that I have the wrong hours that they need, something. Iíd get it! Donít insult me by saying I do drugs.

I canít believe I turned down another (seasonal part-time) job for this one.

I am flabbergasted.


In other news, income isnít increasing (the above job fiasco, hubby not getting interviews, and in 2012, losing $35/paycheck for insurances), monthly costs arenít decreasing (still no bites on Car 2), and unexpected expenses are coming thru the woodwork.

No wonder Iím so pessimistic lately.

Part Time Job!

November 3rd, 2011 at 02:58 pm

I had applied Sunday to two part time jobs. They both called, they both interviewed me, and they both wanted to hire me! I was able to pick the one I really wanted (which also has the higher rate) and did the drug screen today.

It is seasonal, and will last through the first week of January, with an option for them to hire me on permanently. I think itís a perfect fit as I can see if I can handle it with my current full time job without having to commit long-term. Iím hoping to take home an extra $800 before the end of season. We shall see.

Now I just have to wait to hear about training and when my schedule starts. A few people are worried about me burning out. I am cautious, but I think I can handle it. If I canít, I can always find someone to cover some of my shifts or quit.

Now to just figure out what I want to apply it toÖ hmmÖ