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Little bit of everything

March 20th, 2011 at 06:40 pm

Well, I think Iím finally caught up on finances. We got our state refund back this week, and federal will come out tomorrow. I paid the accountant, transferred savings to ING EF, and sent in an extra $200 to Car Loan 2.

Iím really stoked about my idea to be debt-free by time we go to Russia in 2014. Even on my lesser pay, I think we can make it work. If we send in an average of $200/month extra to Car Loan 2, then by Dec 2013, it will be paid off. Car Loan 1 (0% financing) will be paid off on our payment plan by then. DH Student Loan 3 will need an extra $300/month for a year (in 2012) to wipe out, and Student Loan 4 will need an extra $600/month for a year (in 2013) to be wiped out. I think we can swing it.

Hubby interviewed for a full-time job on Friday. This job is kind of (barely) in the same lines of his dream job, but it is way less pay. It actually pays less than his part-time job now (about 85 cents/hour less), but instead of 34 hours a week at random times, he would be working full time consistent hours. Weíre not sure about any benefits. The good thing is that they wonít drag him along for months, like his dream job applications did. Weíll probably get a yes or no by the end of the week. This job will by no means increase our take-home pay by enough (if at all) for us to move out, but it will help a little with sanity.

Iíve scheduled a week off in April to stay at home and just found out that it might be the niecesí spring break. Iím thrilled if that ends up being true. I havenít seen them in forever. Iíve also signed up for two ďpersonal enrichmentĒ courses at the local tech college that will help me with work. Theyíre only 5 or 6 classes each and should give me more of a background on the stuff Iím learning to do on the fly.

Iíve also moved two of my tall bookshelves out of the basement up into our make-shift den. I couldnít bring myself to bring up my books yet (I have boxes upon boxes full of books). Husband thinks Iím funny and wasting energy (ďYouíll just have to re-pack them!Ē), but I havenít seen or read my books in 2.5 years. Who knows if/when weíll ever move out at this stage? I donít want to go another 2.5 years packed away.

Iím actually tempted to unpack everything except for kitchen stuff. Perhaps after all that work, maybe a windfall will happen and weíll be able to move out. I would rather see my stuff, that I do actually cherish and would use, than to keep it boxed up for years. Maybe Iíd even find stuff to sell. Plus, I donít mind packing, should I have the "mis-fortune" to pack it all back up. Itís a thoughtÖ


March 7th, 2011 at 08:19 pm

I paid off DH Student Loan 2 with the save-for-taxes money. Iím going to put all leftovers to Car Loan 2 now on. I really hope to get it down to 4 digits this year. Iím tired of paying $70 in interest every month.

I have a new long-term goal. I want us to be debt free by the 2014 Olympics. That gives us about 34 months to pay off two student loans, two car loans, save up EF to 6 months, and pay for the trip in cash. Lofty, yes, but Iím going to do it. I donít want to think about payments while on vacation for two to three weeks.

If I were to go look for a job elsewhere (not that I am looking, or even want to), Iíve decided that they will pay me well, or I wonít take it. No more of this less than the average salary work. I am worth every penny.

What if we never move out? If you think about it, in about 20 years, my parents need to be taken care of and/or living with us. We could save a lot of money over the years by not paying rent or a mortgage to someone else. Itís an idea, but I donít know how valid of one.


March 4th, 2011 at 09:12 pm

I just want to say that I love our accountant. She is so awesome and answers all our questions and finds everything and does it so fast. I should bake her cookies. Can I do that? Or is that questionable thing to do for accountants?

I only owe $800 to the federal government. If I would have gone with what Turbo came up with, I would have owed $2500. Ouch. Plus we get $1200ish back from the state! Whereas Turbo had come up with only $300 as a refund. BIG difference. Not that I blame them. They really didnít design the system for a bossís daughter.

I am so relieved. My Emergency Fund will be untouched!

My husband is a little disappointed though because he thought weíd get a large refund back. I think he forgot that we werenít in school in 2010 and that makes a huge difference. We also made more than we have in past years (not that our take-home pay reflected that).

Iím going to bed very happy tonight.