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February 10th, 2016 at 01:08 pm

I'm juggling too much: my older son's therapy at a clinic and starting the in-home therapy, my younger son's interesting issue where he can technically "hear" but doesn't respond to noises very often, trying to fit in work which is its own whole ball of wax, my husband in night classes four times a week while still working full time, housework since I have people coming 5 to 6 days a week, finishing fixer-upper stuff, and then trying to take care of myself. Oh, and my entire family has been sick for half of 2016 already. Like stay home, away from work/school sick. Just awful.

Money-wise, we are ok. I think we're spending just within our limits or slightly above, but I'm not positive. Credit cards are paid in full. We've had student loans come through and my husband's workplace will be reimbursing us here shortly. My HSA is fully funded, and will be used up here shortly.

Goals have fallen to more of the spontaneous daily kind. Almost a "what three things can I get done today". Usually they're simple like flip laundry or take out trash, but it's about all I can do.

I do need to figure out tax stuff. I'm not sure if I need an accountant this year or not. TurboTax and the like doesn't handle my particual situation very well. I feel like I got quadruple the number of tax forms this year than any other year. I guess buying a house plus ACA will do that to you.