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Job Update, Autopay, Summer Spending

July 1st, 2012 at 03:31 pm

Itís been awhile! I donít think Iíve blogged since February, and honestly, Iíve barely noticed the time fly by, Iíve been so busy. My new job is going well, but it takes a lot of energy. Most nights I come home exhausted and ready to space out.

Iím still struggling with stocking my closet with clothes for work, but itís slowly getting there. The problem isnít wanting to spend money on it, its finding clothes that actually fit well, and look professional. Itís hard to find shirts that fit, arenít sleeveless or tank tops, and arenít three-quarter sleeves. Three-quarter sleeves make me want to yank it down to my wrists or push it up above my arms. I canít wait until winter when long sleeves will be acceptable again.

After sorting out how much Iíd been getting per pay period, I set up my accounts on autopay. Everything is automated now from monthly expenses, health savings account, retirement, other savings, and debt payment. It kind of sucks. Itís so simple and seemless, but I loved looking at it and calculating and making a decision where the leftover should go. I wonít change it because I think we do have the right portion going to savings and a right portion going to debt payment. If everything goes as smoothly as it is, weíll be debt free sometime mid to late 2015. That is kind of exciting.

I have yet to figure out why summers are so expensive in our house. We donít do anything different in summer, but our groceries, eating out, movie going, and random splurges always goes up May, June, and July. We always stick within our budgeted expenses the rest of the year, just not those months. Iím looking forward to August when it will slow down again.

Well, I donít have much more to report. I feel quite boring. Perhaps next time I'll have sometime more exciting to report.