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Ouch. Spent.

March 13th, 2015 at 09:34 am

Well, I thought February was going to end on a nice, quiet spending note, and that I was going to start March off right. BUT...

Everyone in the house, plus the kids' daycare provider, was sick. There was two weeks of sickness in my house. It was awful. Just awful.

So, money was spent on medicine, humidifier, caffeine (so I could keep going to take care of everyone else), fast food since we couldn't grocery shop or cook. It was... just OUCH.

And then I had a planned trip to IKEA to get the last few things we needed for the apartment. I think I'm finally done with that task. WHEW.

But ouch. Spent money. GONE.

This weekend we'll go grocery shopping to replenish our empty cupboards and I'm going to a local consignment sale. Not to purchase ANYTHING, but to see how it is laid out/works. The group has a few different arenas - baby, craft, household. And I was thinking about putting some of my stuff up for sale. Seems easier, even if I only get a percentage, than trying to list things one-by-one on facebook/craigslist. They have a choice to donate or pick-up when it's done. I'd donate just to be done. I have soooo much clutter. It needs to go.

So, for the rest of the month, it's tightening up the wallet. Groceries, Diapers, and Gas. That's it. (Really, Tarwalker, THAT IS IT.)

A kink into this idea - our home computer is dying, fast. It's a bad computer to begin with and is band-aided already. I mean, it's so bad, it runs Vista. Yes, VISTA. *shivers*. Plus the fan is dying, the hard drive makes feints as if it won't work much longer, among other things. We're in discussions on what we need for home. It's hard as we both work in the IT arena and are spoiled at work. But we don't use the computer much at home. Not sure if it is because it is so bad, or if it is because we really don't need it at home. So the argument back and forward between a cheapy to do basic browsing and banking or a higher end one to someday be able to work from home and use those heavy programs. Ah, the pros and cons for both.

I'd like to see how much longer we can inch by on it, but we are both yelling at it whenever we have to go on it. Most of the time one or two restarts are needed. That is, if it even decides to start up again. Thank goodness we have everything backed up. It's just not going to wake up one day.

1 Responses to “Ouch. Spent.”

  1. VS_ozgirl Says:

    We got our computer built and we got way more for the same price as the standard computer, so I would advise that if you know a computer savvy person find out what would be good to have on there and how much it would cost to build. (Then go to a computer repair shop and ask them how much it would cost them to build). We did it four years ago and it is still running great, I think it was a great investment. We paid between $1500 and $2000 which was the standard price then for a home computer and it had four times the hard drive of what was being sold. I don't think we will need to replace it for a long time.

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