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June 25th, 2015 at 07:56 am

We close on our house today. I am finally starting to feel excited, but I've just been tired and meh about it the last few weeks.

I did a double take on Laura's post about NE's aunt. My aunt, who suffered from early onset of Alzheimer's, passed away that day. Not a pretty end, but at least the actual end was peaceful. It's sad, but I'm so very glad she's finally at peace.

And another family member got admitted to a hospital for some nerve issue two weeks ago. That's been an interesting roller-coaster too, but recovery will be complete shortly.

And my speech therapist was useless for my son (what do you mean I should repeat words multiple times?!? You mean like this, like I've been doing for the last YEAR). She said I was doing everything correctly. (BUT THEN WHY ISNT IT WORKING????) The therapist didn't really try to interact, just sat on the floor and kind of observed. I'm ok with that for the first visit, but subsequent ones, no. I'm trying to get into a different program, but they're full for the summer, and I'm not sure insurance will cover it. But being able to communicate is SO IMPORTANT.

Then there is the standard, teething baby, waking up multiple times a night again.

And work issues popping up.

And. And. And.

My personal money stash has diminished from Starbucks runs. Yes, yes, I know. I could be frugal and make it at home (although, not sure I'd know how to do the frappaccinos). Ain't happening. I'm totally ok with paying for the convenience of having someone else make it, make it pretty, clean up after making it, and give me 5 minutes to relax. I can pay my $4.xx each time for that. It's my blow money anyway, and when it's gone, it's gone. Just makes me thankful that I've been saving it up for awhile and not spending my whole allowance. Gives me breather during times like this.

Oh, and you guys were right. I really, really miscalculated paint costs. I don't need tools of any kind (we have them ALL, sprayer included - Dad used to paint houses to pay his way through college), but primer for interior alone will be about $200. Exterior will have to wait. And I'm not sure that I'll do all the final paint colors before moving in. And appliances, I'm going cheap, "get us by" ones for now, I'll sell them and get the ones I like that fit the space later on after saving.

Sorry. I guess I'm kind of whiny today. Maybe after it's all signed, I'll be in a better mood.

10 Responses to “Life”

  1. scottish girl Says:

    SG's speech therapist observed her during the first visit, but played with her after. Sorry to hear about your aunt.

  2. ThriftoRama Says:

    You know, your 'blow' fun money is for just these occasions. When you're stressed out, not sleeping, dealing with kids and babies stuff, sometimes you just want someone to make or do something for YOU for a change, and Starbucks is actually an inexpensive way to treat yourself, even if you're doing it frequently. Don't beat yourself up about it. You've got enough to deal with. I have two young children and when they were babies and toddlers, those little things like a latte or a meal I didn't have to plan, make and clean up after were small but HUGE luxuries. Take it when you can.

    It's just easy to feel bad about it because all the TV financial advisors tell you to skip the Starbucks.

    You also probably aren't going to get all the rooms painted before moving in. That's okay. I'm a chronic painter and decorator. Some of our rooms have been three different colors in the past four years, and others are still the same as when we moved in. Take your time!

  3. snafu Says:

    Check YouTube.com for a dozen Starbuck style Frappaccinos... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWv6uYSqmcU
    Make your own Frappe not healthy but easy peasy if you have a blender. Double strength instant coffee works fine. Ice cream is just as good as whipping cream for the topping.

    I hope you'll believe me as I suggest getting the painting done before moving in as it's so much faster and easier without furniture and belongings to move or protect. 2nd, to choose colors, I recommend taking lots of photos on your cell, noting which direction windows face. If the paint store has a colorist, they can guide your final decision on hue, complementary, contrast once you settle on primary. There are lots of paint company promos on line and any paint color can be replicated by other companies if you bring in the paint chip with the numbers.

    3rd. Moving is exhausting so it's better to 1st paint, take a couple of days break and then do the move. 4th, having spent several days in the house, it will feel more familiar and you will have a better plan for furniture placement and how to organize the various areas within the rooms.

  4. SecretarySaving Says:

    I'm a Frappuccino girl myself! Love them. Lately when I want something warm I've been getting a Caramel Apple Spice with whip cream and caramel drizzle. If you have a blender at home there is a super easy and delicious recipe on the net for the McDonalds caramel frappe which is also delicious! I used to make those at home until we got into a habit of having one everyday.

  5. rob62521 Says:

    Congrats on the new house! I think you are just overwhelmed at this point.

  6. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I'm sorry for your loss. It sounds as though you are definitely in the middle of a very stressful time. Chocolate's my vice in those kinds of times ...

  7. Kiki Says:

    I moved into my home in February. How I wish I would have taken an extra week and painted everything I wanted instead of waiting until I get in. The bedrooms were painted but everything else is still the same.

    And I wish I would have bit the bullet on putting in the new floors, too. I have boxes that will stay in the garage until I get the floors and painting done. I feel mostly undone 6 months into living in my new home.

    If you can, do the painting!

  8. TarWalker Says:

    Thank you all for your kind words!

  9. scottish girl Says:

    Hey I've just found some information from my speech therapist - goals for SG when she first started going. I know she's a bit older, but it might help:

    Speech & Language Targets at Home:
    - the most important activity is spending quiet one-to-one time with blue ball", "Mum's red coat" and then ask him "What's this?" and encourage him to say "my blue ball" for example

    -follow his lead, for example if he is playing with a jigsaw, take turns to find a piece and talk about what you are doing

    -In outdoor play, create opportunities for taking turns. For example, take a ball or bubbles outside with him and play simple roll-a-ball games, blow bubbles, who can find a daisy/leaf or what can you hear?

    -Talk to child in shorter phrases. This will help to give him a really good model of language to copy in the future. SAY LESS AND STRESS KEY WORDS

    -When out & about, talk about what you see & extend the topic. For example, if you see a really big tree when out for a walk, talk about its size - is it tall or short? What shapes can you see? we get wood from a tree, what things do we have that are made from wood? How does wood feel to touch? Is it smooth, rough, scaly, cold etc?

    -Give child choices of two items to give them a good language model e.g. "do you want apple or orange juice?"

    -Create opportunities for him to communicate. For example:
    1. place his favourite toys out of reach so he has to ask you for them
    2. at lunch, give him a small amount of juice or water in a cup, so he has to ask you for more

    -Talk about wh? Questions - what? who? where? when? why?
    1. what would you like for dinner? (give 2 choices)
    2.who do you see over there? (is it a boy or girl?)
    3. where are your toys? (in/on/under the bed?)
    4. when do we have breakfast? (morning or evening)
    5. Why do we brush our teeth? (to keep them clean)

    Helping {child's name} to understand wh? questions will make him more inquisitive and encourage him to ask his own questions to extend a conversation. It will also begin to give him early concepts of time (when) and reasoning (why) and place (where).

    -Talk about concepts of first/next/last, to help with conversation sequencing. Begin with activities like getting dressed, or try setting the table (first we put out the knives and forks, next our plates and last our cups). This can be extended for lots of everyday activities, making a sandwich, hanging out washing, going to the shops. It's good to try and involve children and talk about what you are doing.

    These activities will help build the foundations for him to naturally develop his language skills.

    Hope this helps.

  10. scottish girl Says:

    *quiet one-to-one time with him, on a turn-taking play activity he enjoys. Model good play for him to copy and describe what you are doing in 2/3 word phrases.e.g. "[child's name] blue ball"

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