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Archive for August, 2011: TarWalker's Blog
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Archive for August, 2011

Many Things

August 27th, 2011 at 01:44 am

There have been a lot of things to talk about financially, but Iíve been too tired to write about them the past several days. So here we goÖ

Iím not sure what Iím going to use the book income for. This round I just let it go into the joint fund so we could get school supplies. Weíll see when/if I sell the rest.

I asked for and got a credit limit increase on my credit card. Not as much as I wanted, but something is better than nothing. I wonít need it, but itís good to have. They will be mailing me the reason why I canít get the full increase I want.

I still havenít moved my personal account yet. I havenít had time yet and still arenít sure where to put it. I like Wells online checking best out of the three Iíve had in the past. I need to check out the local credit union in town.

Husbandís last day of his part-time job was yesterday. Heís happy. And school starts Monday for him. Heís excited. Iím excited too, actually. Not as much as he, though.

We have financial aid worked out. Subsidized and unsubsidized loans cover tuition, fees, books, supplies, car loan for 4 months, and gas. It is more than we technically ďneedĒ, but this way we can have some wiggle room each month until we officially decide to sell car 2 or husband gets a part time job (we will decide on that in a few weeks). We can always pay it back if we donít use it.

Iíve been asked by a state to file 2007 taxesÖ uh, I donít owe that state taxes and I did file my 2007 taxes for the correct state. And even then I made around $10,000 that yearÖ why would they come after me? Itís more annoying than anything.

We paid for what we hope will be the last of the vet bills this week. She was spayed and still seems like the giardia is gone. Weíve said that before, but Iím hoping itís finally gone this time. I donít want to add up how much weíve spent at the vet since weíve gotten her.

Iíve been asked a few times these last few weeks what my dream job would be or what I would go back to school if we could afford it. I donít have an answer. Weíve been so focused on helping the family and my husband going for his dream job(s). Weíve been surviving and Iíve been taking it one day at a time. Itís hard to dream when my first priority is to get rid of debt and my second priority is to get our own place. I need to work on that.

I think thatís all. Iíve been anxiously waiting for more news from Scottishgirl all day: how her appt went and if her move to her momís went smoothly. :-)

Two sold and fees

August 17th, 2011 at 12:42 am

I posted four books on and have sold two! I have mailed them and have $5.94 profit off the two despite they sold for $4 a piece. The $2.64/each shipping allowance covers the $2.41/each postage, But it doesnít really cover the bubble envelope that I found at dollar general for $0.66/each. I need to find an envelope for 23 cents or less. Any ideas? The only thing Iíve found close was 35 cents but I had to buy 100 from uline.

I wouldnít worry much if I had pricey books, but the out 41 books I looked at, only 4 of them could be sold for $1 or more. The rest were all $0.75 so far. If I canít find packaging that would be less than 23 cents, I would really only get 21 cents profit. And whatís the point of that?

I got an email today from Wells Fargo. My personal checking that holds my weekly allowance is no longer going to be free. There will be a $7/month fee starting mid-September. Well, that is unless I direct deposit $500/month or keep $1500 in itÖ which is hard when I only have a $10/week allowance. Hah. So time to get a new checking account.

Although Iím half tempted to just make a ďsub-accountĒ in my joint checking instead and just use that to make my purchases. I donít really want to open another account at this moment. Whatís funny is my husbandís personal account isnít changing, but itís probably because he had gotten it as a student account initially. I used to like Wells, but Iím beginning to change my mind.

Also, it seems like Netflix has raised its prices, but is removing watch instantly shows Ė no more Up, District 9, Babylon 5Ö We were just going to downgrade to watch instantly only, but now weíre more than half-tempted to drop it all together. It was the one frivolous thing we were going to allow, but maybe not.

Selling Books

August 12th, 2011 at 01:21 am

I have a lot of books. Young Adult, Children, Adult, Classics College booksÖ all sorts of books. When I unpacked them this year for the first time in a few years, I was so happy to have them. But now that Iíve looked at them for several weeks, I realized that I have favorites that I read on a yearly basis, but I have a lot of other ones that are just ok. I had kept them because at one point I had wanted to have a HUGE library where the room was 360 degrees of bookshelves overflowing with books. I donít see that in my future anymore, so I think itís time to part with some. Plus, I could use the extra personal funds.

I found that when I took them to half-priced books, I would get what seemed like pennies per book. I would like to try to sell them online, but I donít know the best place to sell books. Is decent? Do you have any suggestions on places or suggestions on how to sell them? Iím not interested in paperback swap, because I donít read much these days nor do I typically find new stuff I like when I do borrow books.

Speaking of sellingÖ I have some pretty nice dolls and Barbies that Iíve been thinking about selling. Where/how should I go about selling those?

Decision (long)

August 7th, 2011 at 01:57 am

Weíve finally made our decision.

It started with getting letters from the places that my husband interviewed at containing the multiple variations of ďnoĒ. Those were the last ones we were waiting on. His eligibility to get this type of job is up soon and since each application process takes 4 to 5 months, weíre pretty much to the limit of his ability to be hired. A year and a half heís been applying, interviewing, getting to the top of the interview process, and then not getting hired.

So, heís going to go back to school to get a second degree. His first degree is a liberal arts one that has no real job attached to it. It could be applied to many things, but it doesnít help him with any specialized skills or job experience. So this one is more Ö specific, for a lack of better term, and has real job applications with potential for a nice salary.

It is a 4 year degree though, and the only thing his previous degree will help with is that he will most likely not have to do any gen eds or liberal arts electives. He is starting this fall with some of the basic classes at the local tech and will transfer into the university next fall. This will help keep the cost down.

He will be leaving the part-time job that he has the most hours with because they are not flexible with schedule at all. Unfortunately, that knocks our take-home pay in little more than half. He will be keeping his other part-time job, but thatís only one weekend per month without ability to pick up extra hours or shifts. He is planning on getting a student job or other part-time job in-between/after classes, but we donít know when that will happen.

I have rearranged our budget to survive on my paycheck alone. We have already started this new tight budget for August even though heís working through the end of it. I want to bank every penny we can before it actually happens. Once his current student loans go into deferment, we will have a little wiggle room, but not much. We will also need to take out more student loans since we donít have anything saved up for it.

Also, we had the really tough conversation about selling Car 2. Itís his dream car and I love the freedom of having my own car. Yet, we could use the monthly payment for other things and the extra money from selling it could really be used in the EF. I donít see us being able to put much into savings for the next 4 years. So we will be selling it. He sees the sale as an investment into his future. I see it as a necessity, even though I will end up being the one without a car again.

I have canceled my fall trip, because we no longer have much of a personal allowance or even much of a joint allowance. I know I will need clothes here for winter soon, so my money will be saved for when I feel like I can no longer stretch what little I have. My husband offered to help pay for it out of his personal, but he doesnít have much saved up and he could use any cushion he has too. It was very sweet of him to offer to help, though.

Letís see, what else is there to tell.

My husband is really excited about going back to school and the subject matter. Itís not his ďdream jobĒ anymore, but itíll be interesting. Plus, he will have internships that could become a job once he graduates. He also is very happy he wonít have to stay at the part-time job as it can go nowhere promotion-wise, time-wise, benefit-wise, or even raise-wise.

I am growing a little excited. Itís change, even though itís not much change for me. Plus, I tend to learn things when heís learning. He loves coming home and telling me about class or what he read.

What I am not excited about is that we will be taking out more student loans. And there is no guarantee for a job at the end of this. And there is no chance for moving out; we wonít be able to afford it for the next four years or even for probably a year or two after that as we dig ourselves out of student loan debt. And we wonít be able to go to Russia for the Olympics; heíll be full time at school then.

It seems kind of counter-intuitive to go into more debt in order to make money, but we donít have many other options. Hereís to hoping that the economy gets better in the next 4 years so that when he completes the degree, there will be plenty jobs.